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Port Ayers Station

Stop Code: 8010

In Service Routes
Short Name Long Name
Out of Service Routes
Agency Short Name Long Name
CCRTA 3 NAS Shuttle
CCRTA 15 Kostoryz
CCRTA 15S Ayers/Molina
CCRTA 19 Ayers
CCRTA 21 Arboleda
CCRTA 21S Arboleda
CCRTA 23 Molina
CCRTA 24S Los Encinos/Kostoryz
CCRTA 25 Gollihar/Greenwood
CCRTA 32 Southside
CCRTA 32S Southside
CCRTA 37 Crosstown/TAMUCC
CCRTA 37S Westside/Gollihar